Thursday, August 06, 2009

Double Feature: Funny People/Transformers 2

I'm so busy getting my shit together for Mr. White's wedding, my suit is ready and my room is booked, taking the bus to Ottawa in the morning. I really wanted to see some movies, since I hate to fall behind since Tiff is around the corner. So I went to the movies alone, which I don't mind.

Funny People was really good. Not your typical Judd Apatow comedy, not a lot of crazy laughs, although it is very funny. A great cast with lots of good moments, I just love Seth Rogen. Adam Sandler gets to do some real acting and lampoon his previous work. Tons of cameos.

As for Transformers 2, it sucked balls. It wouldn't be so long if they didn't have so much slow-motion. I can't even waste time on why this movie sucks, please just read Roger Ebert's review HERE. At least I snuck in and didn't have to pay for it (unless you count my time).

I saw the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are, and I predict it will be at Tiff this year, I love Spike Jonze.

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