Wednesday, August 12, 2009

so long YYZ, Hello SFO!

I bit the bullet and ordered a 10 ticket package for Tiff. Paul is going to pick up my booklet and take care of my order. I had a coke with him on his lunch break since I wont see him for a while. Paul lent me the money to pay for some fries and gravy at Poutine Camp, so thank you Paul! I hope he can make it next year!

I know I've mentioned it a million times, but the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is excellent*! Well worth the extra 30$ cost, it puts the classy back into air travel. It's a great way to relax before a flight, as I'm doing now. Plenty of snacks, boozy drinks, and internet access! What more could a nervous traveler ask for?

It's Manimal's birthday! So I'm gonna have some more drinks after I land in San Francisco.

Two and a half weeks in the Bay Area and then it's off to Black Rock City for Burning Man 2009!

I will be blogging all the time so please check back often, and leave comments if you feel so inclined.

*Try the cookies and the soup! Coke Zero does not mix well with Crown Royal

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