Monday, August 10, 2009

);( in 21 days

I got back into the gym for the first time in two weeks. I had a great time in Timmins and Ottawa, but it really fucked up my program. I don't think the 2 days before I head to San Francisco will have much of an effect, but I'm going to go and get a workout in anyways(Gotta suspend my membership while I'm gone too). I think I look pretty good with my shirt off, I guess I can just do a bunch of push-ups between now and the fast approaching Burn to keep it up.

I bought some groceries to save me from eating any fast-food between now and my flight on Wednesday. Bread for tuna and sprout sandwiches, peanut butter for my toast, bananas and apples, rice and broccoli for dinner(mmm... butter chicken). I have to go see Mom tomorrow in Mississauga and wait by her sewing machine while she frantically attempts to finish my coat for Burning Man.

I'm going to tidy up and start packing. So much to do.

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