Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TOOL Rocks Molson Amphitheatre! 8/5/2009

My buddy Hollywood rules! We got blazed in the parking lot, then found the end of the huge line into the Amp.

I ran into Jagger and his fiance Ashlie, we discussed legal briefs and TOOL setlists. Jagger decided not to look at the internet to see what songs the band will play. In the past he would predict the set and be pretty accurate (but I think his mind was once blown at ACC with a Salival version of Pushit)

TOOL was good but I've seen them a few times, and it's tough when you compare it to other shows. The set was close to the last time I saw them on the 10,000 Days Tour, not surprising since they don't have a new album to support. Maynard was the most talkitive I've ever seen him, "Holy shit that's a lot of Canadians!" and he kept saying something about French Fries. He introduced a guest guitarist for 46&2 as Stephen Hawking, and later Christopher Robin joined Danny on drums for Lateralus. We had a good enough view of the stage from section 304 (considering I'm fucking blind, I could at least see people on it). They definatly blew my mind out the back of my skull with trippy visuals on the screens and crazy lazers. The best part of the visual aspect was when the lazers did a whole ASTEROIDS game thing and shot the place up. I hope they go back into studio soon to make a new record. Laturalus came out the same day as Weezer's Green, and causes simillar summer 2001 flashbacks. I love TOOL but I crave something new. Unfortunatley they only seem to put out 1 album every 5-6 years.

Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

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