Friday, August 21, 2009

10 Days till Burning Man- Not Ready

I have been in San Francisco for a week and a half and the only thing getting me closer to the burn is the passage of time.

I have done zero to prep, save buy cool stamps (still time to get on my postcard list, btw).

Last year was a mad frantic preparation dash, but with Matt and Kubi not going this year, I get to actually be radically self-reliant(a very important part of the Burn).

I need to get my food and water, and booze, some light shirts to wear, and a way to get it all to the Playa. I can borrow the gear I need from my good friends.

I did work out a possible ride with Jody, but it would require staying in Reno for 2 nights.

Snack Related News: I have almost perfected the Cap'n Crunch Square a tasty alternative to the traditional Snap Crackle and Pop marshmallow treat.


  1. Cap'n Crunch square? I would be willing to consider this recipe as a wedding gift from you!

  2. Mmmm...I'm almost out of the Cap'n with Crunch Berries I got in NY...must get more and must get you to make me delicious squares!

  3. Alas Cap'n Crunch can only be a dream. The UK has nothing! I only just found tiny white marshmallows and made Rice Krispie Treats as they call em.