Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tomorrow, the City

I woke up really early, I had a dream my feet were in water and I think it made me have to pee. i had a great breakfast and went to the gym. I did some tidying up when I got home, but didn't get any laundry done.

I made the trip to the 'Saug to see my Mom. I stopped by the Steamwhistle Brewery for a free sample and to pick up 8 fresh Tallboy Cans to bring to the Playa. When I got to Mom's, as I predicted, she was sewing up a storm and watching Jack McCoy seek justice. My jacket was finished and she was working on the hat. It looks so cool, but I'm not putting pictures up till I get back. I hope she continues sewing because she is so talented. She thinks she is getting rusty but you really can't tell(so cool!). When she finished we had dinner and watched some HowardTV onDemand she so gloriously subscribed to. I had to take the bus back home, cause tomorrow is a busy day.

Thank you Mom for sewing me a kick-ass Coat to wear at Burning Man.

AGGHHH!!! I just knocked my bud grinder over spilling it's illicit contents on to my somewhat dusty floor. boo-urns!

I'm flying to San Francisco tomorrow evening. Burning Man is in two and a half weeks! I have some things I would like to get done before I fly out, but we will see. I went to the Optomitrist last week and I am waiting on a voucher from O.D.S.P.. If I get the form in the mail I can try to get a pair of glasses. The guy at Hakim said they can be ready in an about an hour. I have a lot of other stuff to get to as well, so we will see.

I absolutely have to go to Tiff when I get back in September, no question about it. It's important to you, my loyal blog readers, that I go to the greatest film festival in the world. I can't deny my love of film, and my love of seeing all the best movies before anyone else.

Here is the trailer for Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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