Friday, August 07, 2009

Sink Beers

I woke up early and got my stuff together. Decided against a Macdonalds "breakfast" and hopped on a bus to Ottawa for Paul and Charissa's Wedding!

When I got to the bus station I used my kick ass phone to get gps map directions to my hotel (While in our Nation's capital guests of Sunny J stay at the Radison Hotel). My hands were full and I used the voice feature instead of typing R-a-d-i-s-o-n O-t-t-a-w-a. I love my G1 phone. I'm not looking forward to having to use my shitty Virgin Mobile phone in California next week, but Rogers sucks donkey dick in the roaming department(40¢ per text msg! Die Zombie Ted Rogers!).

The hotel is nice, I loaded the sink up with ice and beers. Everyone is at the wedding rehearsal. I'm in the hotel now just hanging out. Watching What not to Wear on tv, more like "what not to watch". I found a nearby park to smoke a bowl in.

Mike called from a pub in Kanata so I'm taking a cab out to get a beer.

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