Tuesday, August 04, 2009

On the road with Mikey

We went to meet Delling at Timmy Ho's before leaving town. He and I made plans to split a hotel room for Mr. White's wedding this weekend in our nation's capital.

As we drove out of Timmins, I realized it was the first clear sunny day since we got there. Road trips with Mike are awesome. We listened to some TOOL, and as we heard the lyric "watch the weather change" in the song Disposition, it began to rain. Trippy.

We stopped at the Cobalt Bookstore and I picked up a copy of a Sartre play called Loser Wins for 52 cents, i love that place.

I can't wait to go see TOOL tomorrow with Ian. I must get my rest, I have a huge day, with so much to do before Ottawa on Thursday.

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