Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day, Mo-Fos!

I woke up this morning and even though the gym was open 9-5, fuck it, I'm not going on Canada Day. Instead I headed over to Shawna's place to meet up with Cayen and have some beers. Shawna's dog made an attempt on my leg and managed got some pre-cum on my knee.

Cayen and I had a few cold shots and headed to the Skydome.

We met Paul at the Dome and got our seats along with some more beers.

The game was fantastic with some great plays and 2 home runs back to back, and the Blue jays bet Tampa Bay 5-0.

After the game the Dome was closed and they had some fireworks which was pretty cool.

"fireworks exploding in the distance temporary towers soar fireworks emulating heaven til there are no stars anymore fireworks aiming straight at heaven temporary towers soar til there are no stars shining up in heaven til there are no stars anymore"

We went to the Steamwhistle Brewery afterwords where I wished EVERYBODY I could a happy Canada Day!

We went to a bar to have some wings and then we met up with Regimbal.

Shawna got really upset all of a sudden, she was pissed about me bad mouthing her rapist dog. i guess it's true I have been critical of Rambo's advances, but he is always trying to unload his dog jism on me so fuck him. I think she was upset about something else and just took it out on me. I really do like her dog and don't want her mad at me.

My throat is so sore from screaming obscenities at the other team (I can be a drunk asshole).

Back to the gym tomorrow.

I love Canada and I'm so happy to live here and be free.


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