Friday, July 03, 2009

Natalie Brown in my dreams, not bad.

I woke up at 6:30 am with a text message from Ian. After shooting all night the man needs some cheese, so we took a morning drive with a nice smoked Gouda.

When I got back I went back to sleep and had a dream and I think Natalie Brown was in it. I guess it's cause I saw her classic Heinz Ketchup commercial on TV last night. it was not a sexy dream, but I wish it had been. I have had a crush on her since I was like 12. Marc and Chloe took dance at Mick School in Timmins, and Natalie Brown did as well. My cousin Chris and I used to give her standing ovations at the big dance recital. She has been in tons of comercials since then, she was the heinz Ketchup girl who slid the bottle down the table, and she was a librarian in a classic Doritos spot too. Until recently she had a show on CBC called Sophie that was cancelled(sorry mom).

I went to meet Gmo at the mall after her Mac lesson. We had some breakfast and went to the bookstore to find her a photoshop elements book. She noticed a hole in the ass of my jeans and asked if they were my only pair (the other ones have a hole in the crotch). We went to Sears and she got em some Levi's (the official Jeans of Sunny J). Granny Mo treats me so good. I took the train up to eglington and waited for her bus with her.

My workout today was great. I upped my bike ride and worked on my arms. I was so hungry afterwards and in the mood for a chicken Ceassar salad and Pasta. So I went to the nearby Metro, and while there I checked for Grapples (Marc told me about this Grape tasting Apple last night on the phone). They did not have them, but have carried them in the past. I must find this strange creation.

The cute girl at the Beer Store is an Auf Der Maur fan.


  1. Marc told me about Grapples and I am on the hunt for them. Unfortunately, it will require me to leave the comfort of my couch. Wish me luck!

  2. They have them at the Sobeys near my place! Come visit next week and we'll indulge!

  3. Grapples are amazing, I'm in love with them! Jagger thinks they're weird though.

  4. WHAT??!! Sophie's cancelled??!!