Sunday, July 05, 2009


I went to see Moon last night with Ian and HP at the AMC. We blazed en route. I used my AMC Movie Watcher Card to get a discount on the movie, HP asked if it was like a Scene Card at Scotiabank Theatres, it's actually better because along with points you sometimes get free stuff. She did not believe me but then I got a free medium coke. Ian was so crazy about getting good seats we were in the theatre while they were still cleaning it out. We were the first ones in and got perfect seats and Ian's coworker Oscar Wright showed up. Oscar is a good guy and seems to enjoy Toronto which is always cool.

Moon was fantastic! Sam Rockwell was so cool playing against himself. Watch the trailer and see how freaking cool this movie is.

I skipped the gym today in order to rest and do laundry(everything is so sweaty). But I went hard all week so I deserve a break.

Howard Stern has been away for all last week so I have been catching up on old shows. I can't wait to go to the gym with a new show tomorrow. I want to get started on free weights to get some serious muscle.


  1. Wow! That movie does look cool. I think I would like to sleep through it sometime. lol

  2. I just saw the trailer for this the other day and was really intrigued, I heart Sam Rockwell!