Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and The Secret to Never Getting Laid

I went to a late showing of Public Enemies with Regimbal last night. The theatre was full of lined up Harry Potter queers waiting for the midnight showing so that they could be even bigger losers the next morning. Some people were even dressed up, which is so fucking lame it hurts. A Harry Potter costume consists of a pair of round glasses, an officially licensed scarf, a magic wand, and terrible taste in books and films.

Public Enemies was ok. Johnny Depp was good, but I saw him in an episode of Sponge Bob last week and was more excited about that. Good to hang out with Regimbal

I have been working out consistently and have been getting pretty hungry so I'm eating lots, but I have cut out the junk (sugar and crap) and eating fish and fruit and egg whites. I'm getting sexy for sure.

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