Friday, July 10, 2009

Bruno Isht Wunderbar!

Either a 5 mile swarm of bees is aproaching or the Indy race is starting this weekend.

I got an email from Jody about Poutine Camp, the best place for Canada's national dish on the Playa. It looks like I will be camping with them this year at the burn.

I went to the Gym and had a great workout, but I must have pushed really hard cause I had to eat like five times. I'm hungry now, but I'm not eating before bed (hurry up breakfast).

I went to Ryerson to meet with a group of Toronto Burners and newbie Burners for a picnic. It was cool, I saw a few people I had met at Poutine Camp last year, and I met some people who would be gong to Burning Man for the first time. It was good to share information with newbies on what to expect and answer questions.

Marc and I saw Bruno. It was the funniest thing I have seen all year, better then The Hangover. Funny and disturbing all the way through. I will go see it again and again I was laughing so much.

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