Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Scott Pilgrim Snows in July

Scott thinks all Second Cup exteriors lead into the same interior, and in film-making, it does.
I was reminded to check out the Scott Pilgrim shoot down the street from my place. Second Cup plays heavily in the movie, along with some other prominent Toronto locals. The movie takes place over two weeks in the end of winter, thus fake snow and white sheeting in July.I took these 2 photos and then was asked to leave by a mustached douche. I guess I attracted too much attention with my Youtube shirt (He must have thought I was the internet).

This movie is going to be cool.



  1. Pretty soon we'll have to walk around looking at the ground!! Where has our freedom gone?! "He must have thought I was the internet" Funny!

  2. You can't take pictures of film shoots, sport.

  3. Yet somehow I manage.