Saturday, March 01, 2008

Weezer, Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto Ontario 08/31/00

I was living at my Dad's house in Parry Sound, it was the summer. I had my first job, washing dishes at Resort Tapatoo. I was on my break reading the concert announcements in the Toronto Star, and I was shocked, I couldn't believe what I saw. Weezer was going to play Toronto.

I got 2 tickets, I knew I could convince Colin it was worth the trip. I actually didn't plan on staying in Parry Sound. I hated the school and I missed O'Gorman. I figured I'd go back to Timmins with Colin and stay at his house till I figured something out. His mom gave the o.k. and the plan was hatched. Colin took the bus to Parry Sound and we partied.

I had a huge bottle of rum, this is Colin and I enjoying Rum and Lemon.

We took the bus to Toronto and went to wait in front of the Phoenix. Some girls were already waiting, and they had an extra ticket which they sold to this guy Mark, who lived across the street. He let us use his bathroom which was great after Colin went for food and came back with Steerburger. we waited out front all afternoon, which was a good idea cause look who showed up:

It's Weezer's drummer Patrick Willson and Weezer's Karl Koch, Karl Koch!Colin was like "Hey Pat! Is it true Rivers wears disguise so fans don't recognize him? Like I hear he wears a fake beard and a Nor'easter!" Pat confirmed Rivers often travels incognito.

The opening act was Dynamite Hack

Weezer played Mad Kow, a rocking track they still haven't put on an album.

After the show we slept outside the bus station. When it opened, Colin tried to wake me and then went inside. I woke up on the sidewalk, looking in the bus station to see Colin asleep on the bench.

We got back to Parry Sound and Roly drove us to Timmins.

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