Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt Thompson

This really was a great day. I got to see all of my favorite people. Deidra called me and I grabbed a coffee with her. Iantxted me not far from my place Dee-Dee went to take care of some things and Ian & I went for a drive. By the time we were back, Dee was finished and I got to hang out with her a bit longer, I walked her home since she lives right next door to the gym. I ran for a half hour and watched the Simpsons, good workout. I got back to my house and Ian picked me up and we went to get Colin at the airport. Once Colin was home safe Ian drove back downtown and dropped me back at my place. Mike W is in town, HOORAY! I gave Mike a call and we went to Sneaky Dee's for a beer, then we went to check the Stormalongs jam session. It's Matt Thompson's 26th birthday. I remember his 19th, that was when he got the Shlong-Bong. So being a Birthday jam, it had a very special vibe. My brother Paul was there recording, and I got to rock my scream on Kierkegaard.

So I really got to see all the people I love and care about today, I'm going to sleep a happy dude.

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