Thursday, March 27, 2008

"But I saw it on Ebay"

I used to work at Sam The Record Man. Every day, without fail, someone would ask me for The Beatles HELP! or Pink Floyd's Pulse or the TV series Perfect Strangers. I would tell them those titles were not available on DVD and the customer would then call me an idiot and say that they had seen it on ebay. People were burning DVD's from VHS and selling them on Ebay, and people would come in looking for them and call me out when I told them there was no legitimate release. I used to go to Ebay with the customer and point out the homemade packaging or the shipping location (Hong Kong). "But ____ is so popular! How could it not be on DVD!?!" the foolish customer would ask, not understanding the complexities of studios release schedules. Eventually the customer would be convinced and head home, giving up on their quest to harass every video store in the Yonge/Dundas area for a DVD that did not exist.

But wait!
On a recent trip to HMV, I realized that these titles have now all been released. Just as people begin the switch to Blu-Ray DVD!

Now the only thing left to wait for is Let It Be. Hurry up Yoko!

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  1. Oh sweet! I was just telling V the other day how I missed Balky's antics and that it was impossible to find :D