Friday, March 28, 2008

Personal Trainers are cute but expensive

When I signed up for the gym two weeks ago I paid for 6 sessions with a trainer so I could learn to use the weight training equipment. The sessions cost about 22 bucks each. At the end of the sessions my trainer and I went over my current goals and what it would take to achieve them. She figures about 3 months should do it, then she tells how much 6 months at 3 times a week, I guess to make the price for 3 months sound like a deal. 69$ per session, only 4454$, or 12 easy payments of 396$. Fuck that! It only makes sense if you are a fat lawyer or some other executive who has no reason to go to the gym unless he has an appointment with someone. I can go running every day and do the weight training on my own three times a week.

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