Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bendham P.I.

People often mispronounce my friend Jagger's name. It's Jag as in Mick Jagger, not Yog as in Jaromir Jager.

Yogurt came to Toronto to buy a Nintendo wii, which are still in short supply in London, Ontario. We went to the Future Shop at the new Toronto Life building. We checked out Best Buy, which is the same company, but they had sold out that morning. I bought my Nintendo wii at the same best buy on November 19th 2006 and they still cant keep them on the shelves! So he picked up the wii along with Mario Galaxy(best-game-ever!), wii play, and Sega's Master Baiter Bass Fishing. He has a new TV and he had his girlfriend are both excited to play their new system. He kept looking at the box, even tho I have one. We played my nintendo till late.
In the morning we met Matt and his girlfriend Anna and Nim at Sneaky Dee's. Yogsy and I both had the eggs benny, fantastic. I told Nim I had been going to the gym and he waited for the punchline.
Yogi drove back to his lady with the wii, triumphant.

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