Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Burn Me Down

I woke up at 8 to meet my Granny Mo at the Eaton Centre. When I went to shower, I smelled burning, so I went to the basement and some asshole left the oven on again. This is the note I left:

You left the oven on all night, AGAIN
Thanks, now the whole house smells like burning
What are you trying to do, kill us?"

I had a good breakfast before I left the house. Grams gets help with her mac at the apple store. I met G-Mo right on time. We had a coffee and walked around. She had to hurry home so I took the subway back with her so we could try to finish our conversation. Good times.

I got home around noon and Governor Eliot Spitzer was on tv, resigning because of a lapse in judgment. He spent 80,000$ on whores! That's over a 10 year period, but still a rather large entertainment budget.

I made a great ham sandwich, Then I went and joined a gym. Seriously, I joined a gym. I even worked out after I got the tour. I ran on the treadmill for a half hour, felt really good.

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