Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Welcome 2014, next year, hoverboards!

-Drunken Reveller, out a taxicab window, New Years Eve 2013 

I was gone but now I'm back. Let's call 2014 the year I take blogging seriously. The past year saw some big changes, along with some big same. I can get into all that shit later. I'm really excited about the possibilities 2014 brings.

Here's one excuse for not blogging: My computer died in October. It was a workhorse that lasted me a good 6 years. When I brought it to the apple store they told me they could not do anything for antiques. It was an antique, but not one that was worth anything, one of those worthless antiques that nobody wants. It has been tough without a computer, as a blind person I use it constantly as a visual aid.

Thankfully, I was due for a new computer through the assistive devices program. I'm typing this from a brand new macbook pro. It's so quiet, my old mac sounded like a jet taking off. This is a really powerful machine so I hope I can learn how to maximize its potential, I guess that just means "be productive".

The Stormalongs rock once more, December 30th 2013

Apparently Santa Claus got my letter, and reunited my friends The Stormalongs for the holidays. With Matt Thompson visiting from his new home in BC, it was an opportune moment for Captain Colin J. Gibson to steer the good ship Stomalong into port for a rare original lineup jam session. Even Mo-Mo More-el-o showed to rock. It was great to see the band back together. But it was much better to hear them back together. It was amazing how quickly everyone jumped in again as if they had filed all the Stormalongs rock knowledge in some part of the brain that was impervious to the passage of time. These are my friends and they don't rock like this anymore but they are rocking in this moment and that just feels right.

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