Thursday, January 09, 2014

My last day... Nope, not my last day

Today was my last day at my seasonal stockroom job, but then my boss said he was going to try and find at least one shift a week for me. I'm really glad, cause I like my boss, enjoy my co-workers and the work is not stressful in the least. I also got paid today, it was more then I had lowballed myself but still, it all goes to visa (and half is clawed back off next month's odsp, but whatever, I'm not going to complain when the government teat sees me getting my own milk). I picked up sour creme for my dinner perogies, also a can of steam whistle beer to relax/unwind, and celebrate my employment achievement.

Three employees were arrested and taken away in cuffs for stealing. It was the talk of the afternoon. Stealing is wrong, and dumb, and these guys were dummies for sure. I was going to pick my nose the other day when I noticed I was in view of a camera, I let that booger stand (I could always wipe it on the washroom wall). Shrink is taken seriously, as it should be.

Tomorrow is my first day off in a while, and I'm going to be crazy busy. I'm going to take my laptop out for some out of the house blogging.

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