Monday, January 06, 2014

Poutine Tank

This is poutine, now it goes in my belly
People don't know this, but us Canadians have something called a poutine tank. Much like a diabetic must constantly check his insulin levels, Canadians must strive to maintain a full poutine tank during the cold winter months. The tank doesn't need to be filled every day, but when it's empty you had better get your ass to St-Hubert. My tank has been dry for a few days, so I made some poutine for dinner tonight.

What a satisfying mess. I had a good day at work today, I really worked up an appetite.

My job is only seasonal (till January 10th), but today my boss asked how many hours a week I would need to consider staying around. I told him as little as one or two, cause it's better than zero. He said "ok, we will see.", so fingers crossed. I would love to get a few shifts, even if I only work one day a week.

I'm going to watch an episode of ER(S4E10) and go to sleep a little early.

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