Saturday, January 04, 2014

Rest now sweet Rambo

Today my friend Shawna had to make the difficult decision to put her beloved dog Rambo to rest.
Although Rambo had slowed down in recent times, he was always "up" for a good leg humping. He once dropped a "dookie" right into a overturned cinderblock, like a doggy toilet. That still impresses me. On a hot summers eve he would want to keep on walking and never go home, in the winter he would get 20 feet away from his door, do his business and turn back. Rambino as he was sometimes called (by me) was warm and gentle and never really made a barking noise until he recently figured out how. A former stud, Rambo loved bitches, and would drag you down the sidewalk in pursuit of tail. I will miss you Rambo, it was fun drinking beers with you and watching HBO while Shawna was out of town.

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