Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Broke Elvis

Broken Elvis Face
At the Stormalongs jam space last week I took this selfie covering my face with a broken Elvis bust. I think it looks pretty cool. I did not break the King.

It was so fucking cold today. I was freezing and all I could think about was the hot Nevada sun, the Burning Man is calling me. I hope I can answer.

I'm going to have a party for my 32nd birthday next Saturday. It's a Crazy Liquor and Cheeseburger party! I've gotten a good response from my faceblah e-vite, so it's going to happen. I haven't had people over to my house to hang out, much less party. I'm looking forward to doing some cleaning when I get a chance, both for my guests and my own benefit. Working keeps me so busy it seems all I have time for is eating and sleeping (although I do find 45 minutes to unwind with some ER, and I write these missives). I guess I get no sympathy from the working world. My unemployed self thought there were too many hours in a day. Now I want that time back for more sleeping.

I want to get some postcard blog posts out for next week. The postcard blog gets a decent amount of traffic when its not being neglected, as I've been doing with all my blogging. Still, I have more posts this week than all of last year. Shame since so much cool stuff happened last year. Of course I was also living in my moms basement for most of that time. Who would want to read that blog?

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