Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blog four nine nine

It's Howard Stern's 56th birthday!

I helped out with the CNIB Metropass distribution again, this time at the Grenadier Retirement Community. It was slow and boring. Being around all those old people made me want to hang out with Granny Mo, she called today and we're going to meet up tomorrow morning after her computer lesson at the Mac store.

I watched the first episode of the new Kids In the Hall series, Death comes to Town. I was not impressed, but I want to reserve judgement till I see the second episode next week.

It's my birthday next week, I don't expect you to get me anything but if you did wouldn't this be awesome!?!

This EL Wire pack would be kick ass, and can be found here. It would come in handy for Burning Man (maybe even Igloofest).

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  1. Roland Chabot1/18/2010

    Those kids should go to NorthBay
    It was nice to see the old gang together again,more viewings will hopefully develop certain characters. Personally having survived Northbay for three years I couldn't help but to try and recognize locations.
    It would be Interesting to see this series shot with a softer darker look
    like there sausage sketch