Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

Sunny J's VIP Festivus Guests Hollywood, Thompson, 
Regim, Sunny J, Roly, Paul, Jordie, not pictured Marc. 

Back in the Fall, I bid in a silent auction at a fundraiser for Princess Margaret Hospital. it's my philanthropic nature. I ended up winning and never wrote about it here cause I wanted to keep it a bit of a secret. I leave a lot of shit out, believe me. The auction was for a ViP tour of the Steamwhist;e Brewery for me and 9 friends. Since the Brewery is being renovated in January I decided to schedule it in December as a bit of a Christmas gift to my friends. I set it up for the 19th, the same day as Santarchy, the Toronto Santacon. For all you squares, Santacon is a shit ton of Santa's on a pub crawl. My Mom has been working tirelessly on this totally bad assed Santa costume for me, so I was totally prepared.

I really wanted to take full advantage of the tour, and spent a lot of time inviting people and replacing those who couldn't make it. I wanted as many friends as I could to enjoy it with me. My brothers Marc and Paul, Marc traveling from North Bay. My dad, in town for the weekend from Montreal. My good friend Ian, Thompson and also Regim and Jordie, two people I don't see enough.

I ran up to a costume shop for a Santa beard around Yonge/Bloor-ish, then bolted to the historic Roundhouse.

Marc and Matt met me at the entrance, Marc with my special suit. I set up the tour with Gord(?) and ran to the bathroom to put my Santa gear on. I walked out in Full Santa to a brewerey of Strangers, then quickly found my pary at the end of the bar bottles in hand. We waited a short time for the rest of the guys to show up, and once we were all there it began.

The tour was great, as hot as I was in my Santa suit. We had beers the entire time and were allowed to bring them on the tour with us (like true V.I.P.s). At the end of the tour they served us pizza and we picked up a few tallboys for the road.

I'm so glad my friends could make it out and it really meant a lot to me.

We walked up to King street loosing a bit of our party. We got terrible service at the Elephant & Castle, and I was harassed by two kids who's parents didn't have the sense to keep their children away from a half lit Santa. I was nice the first 2 times, but the kid kept coming back to bug us and Dad was getting pretty fed up(we all were). So we headed up to Yonge/Dundas to meet up with the other Santas.

We all filled the Black Bull and Dad Marc Regim and I found a seat at the bar. We had a few, some girl hit on Marc and her friend told me about her kid at home. It was so great to have a beer with good friends and so many Santas, and my costume looked so good. Eventually Dad gave up and headed back to Paul's place in a cab. Marc Regim and I tracked some of Santa's little helpers first to Bovine and then to Velvet Underground.

A great night and truly memorable, I can't wait to do it again next year with even more Santas

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