Friday, December 18, 2009

The Room, again, still terrible

I went to meet Dad at Union Station. His train was delayed, so I killed some time in the arcade. They had a sweet Simpsons cabinet, me and Paul will have to hit it up with a roll of loonies. Dad showed and we walked up to Bay/Dundas to meet Marc coming off the bus. We grabbed a Heinie Keg and walked up Yonge towards Pauls. We had some beers at Hoops (Marc heard "Poops"). Paul showed up after he had finneshed work and we had another pint, then went back to Paul's place to tap the mini keg.

My plan for the evening was to go see The Room again. It's so bad I just had to share it with Marc and Paul, and I had already told Dad all about it after the last screening so he was pumped.

We headed towards the Royal. On the way Dad tripped and fell scraping his face. We stopped at McDonalds to tidy up. I was concerned but Dad assured me he was fine and still wanted to go to the movie.

The Room was so bad. People did a lot more screaming than the last time, it was a lot less coherent, but still a great time. We chucked spoons, screamed "Your tearing me apart Lisa!" and passed the football around in our tuxedos. Good times. Big day again tomorrow.

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