Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Lula!

My cousin Treya and her husband Andre had a party for their little girl Lula Pearl's first birthday. Mom couldn't make the trek due to illness and Granny Mo just plum forgot. Most of the guest were Treya's coworkers, and not a single other baby (Lula keeps a mature crowd).

She got a ton of toys, just what she needs leading into Christmas. I'm so broke I didn't get her anything, kind of a jerk move but in the grand scheme of things Lula will never notice.

The cake was reallygood and Lula got her very own to smash and make a mess of.

You could tell she was finished when she began to drop hands full of cake over her face from above.

Happy Birthday Lula! Can't wait till number 2!

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