Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Go ahead and ask me about my t-shirt

My Teefury shirts finally showed up, I guess the holidays delayed them for a bit. I ordered 3 T's from the 5$ grab bag. I really lucked out, two of the three shirts were from Designed by Humans, which are a bit higher test than teefury.

I'm using my own photos in case the links go dead.

Flutter, I knew getting in on this grab bag I could end up with some Hallowe'en T's, but I had to take that chance. So I'm going to put this T away until October. It would look real cool then, but spooky anytime before then.

Welcome to Brazil. This is a cool colour blue. The pattern is nice.

Freedom Fighter, this one is the coolest, and the best deal for 5$. The boxing gloves are kind of embossed and look like blood/paint.

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  1. Anonymous12/31/2009

    boxing shirt looks sick man