Friday, November 27, 2009

WTF happend to our cat!?!

Get Well Soon Bassquarter!

Our house kitty Bassquarter's face was really swollen this morning, it looked like she had a golf ball in her left cheek. I think she might have gotten into a back ally fight and a scratch got infected or something.

Abi said he was going to take her to the vet. I would have gone with him but I had to be on time for my workshop. I got home to find Bass laying in front of Abi's room and her face was bleeding. Abi came home and told me he didn't make it to the vet with her, so the cat must have lanced it herself. I think the vet would have done the same thing but more expensive with less scarring. When it heals he is going to look like SEAL or Dube-X. She doesn't have a cone on her head so I think she's going to keep fucking with her face. I have never really cared about a cat like this before, so I was freaking out at first. now I've calmed down a bit, and I just hoping she will be fine.

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