Saturday, November 07, 2009

Matt Returns Superman Returns

I felt like I needed to connect with some human beings, so I called some friends. No one answered. Sometimes when I call people and no one answers, I start to think I'm the only person in existence. Like all the actors who play roles in my life are not in that episode.
Matt called me back and invited me over to his new place. He and Anna have a nice little place near Clinton's, which could be cool for the next Stormalongs show there. We hung out and listened to tunes while Anna got groceries. He returned my copy of Superman Returns, which I wasn't in a hurry to get back but am glad I did. Anna came home and we all had some tasty souvlaki for dinner. It was nice to see them both again. Matt had to go to a Stormalongs strategy session. I missed a show on Thursday, I guess I'm not on the inside anymore. I got a great idea for a music video for the boys, I will run it by them at the next rehearsal which is on Monday (I think).

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