Monday, November 23, 2009

Stormalongs rock Drake

Colin looks like a devil in this shot, Diablo loco.

My best friend band The Stormalongs played a show at The Drake Hotel tonight.

People of Canada was the first opener, he is just one dude with a uke, but his songs are clever and funny. Check out his myspace for a song called Garbage Day Eve.

A poorly named band called Whaletooth opened for The Stormalongs, and we caught their soundcheck. They had a girl named Elise LeGrow for lead singer. This chick has a crazy awesome voice and the songs were pretty good. They had a wicked set and this girl was really fantastic, I would be surprised if she didn't become famous, at least here in Canada.

The Stormalongs sounded blown out in comparison. They were very loud, which is their trademark, but this time it seemed to be to their detriment. I feel like Huey Lewis in Back to the Future, but I'm afraid they're just too damn loud. Colin's vocals were unintelligible at parts. Still, not the bands fault and more the dude working the soundboard.

All around great night with my favourite band, The Stormalongs. I think this is the only shot I have of me with the whole group.

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