Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quadruple Feature: A day at the movies

I went to the movies to get my mind off all this shit. I stayed to see a few flicks to get my moneys worth. 13 bucks is just too much, and I've got lots to see and nothing else to do.

The new Micheal Moore film Capitalism: A Love Story, (which I missed at Tiff) was standard Moore shmaltz without the funny. Where's the funny? Maybe it's because it sucks to be poor watching a movie about the poor by a rich guy.

9: Wicked post-apocalyptic animated feature. Looks awesome on a big screen, so shitty on your little tv.

Now this is where I eat the turkey sandwich I packed. When Theatre hopping, always pack a lunch.

Surrogates: Bruce Willis sci-fi action. Pretty cool, but predictable.

But wait, there's more!

Zombieland: Very funny Zomb-Com, starring Woody Harelson and Micheal Cera's clone.

4 movies for 13 bucks aint bad.

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