Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kevin Smith is the Master of Tweets!

If you don't know what Twitter is you probably live under a rock without wi-fi. Everyone has a Twitter account, but no one seems to know how to use it as well as writer/director Kevin Smith. Here are some examples of what to expect from not-so Silent Bob:

Shameless Self Promotion: Did you know Kevin Smith's book Shootin' the Shit with Kevin Smith is available now!?! Does Kevin have an upcoming Q&A date? He hinted at adding a Toronto date in November, Twitter will be the first place to hear about it (but maybe that retard Dean Blundel might find out first).
Conversing wit
h Contemporaries: Kevin's back and forth with writer @diablocody, directors @jasonreitman & @edgarwright, and even actors like @willw give us an inside peek into the workings of Hollywood coolest (except Will Wheaton, confirmed geek).

Conversing with his fans:
Kevin is not silent when asked questions from his followers, often going beyond the 140 character limit, forcing Kevin to give multi-tweet answers. This summer Kevin had a 24hour tweet marathon, and was flooded with tens of thousands of questions. This type of access is unprecedented, even from the King of 5hr live Q&A's.
Hockey: Oh you don't like hockey? Kevin does, and with the new NHL season, expect hundreds of tweets, from the latest Devils game to waxing philosophical about The Great One (That's Wayne Gretzky for you Americans)

Having sex with his wife: Just as candid on twitter as in real life (Jen is so cool).
Masturbating (when he can't have sex with his wife): He's human.

Re-Tweeting funny followers: Kevin re-tweeted this message of mine, the trick is to stroke the ego, work the shaft.

Bitch Slapping and Blocking Un-followers: Kevin can go on a tweet-tear that might make you think he's the only one tweeting. But if your twitter is full of Kevin and you want to un-follow (Why?), don't make a scene, or the man will put you in your place and then block you from following him in the future, sucks to be you.
So go follow the man already(@thatkevinsmith), your missing out, and while your at it add me too(@socialdynamo)!

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