Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grave Robbers From Outer Space

I'm on the bus back to Toronto. Still impressed with the fact it's got wifi. I had to pay the full fare this time, which sucked cause it's 50$ more. The bus says 1$ on the side, total scam. I'm going to write the company an angry broke email.

I had a great time with Dad, drinking beers and watching hockey games and walking all around Montreal. I was looking for some kind of costume and never really found one, just as well since I never hooked up with my friends here. Next year I have to go out for Halloween, I want to hook up with Snow White.

I walked around in the rain all day today while Dad was at work. I cant believe I was in Quebec and didn't get a poutine or a Dance Contact.

I'm looking forward to being back home, but going to miss Dad.

Now I'm going to kick back and enjoy the Halloween tradition of watching Plan 9 from Outer Space.

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