Thursday, October 08, 2009

Molson Canadian 67

I met up with Ian for a beer and a J. We did the J at my place and the beers at Tortilla Flats (He loves the criss-cross fries!). Ian's brother Colin came downtown so we could go buy a train ticket to get to London this weekend (It's Jagger's wedding on Saturday).

Before we got the tickets at Union, Colin and I stopped off at Cheval, my mom got an invite to a launch party for the new Molson Canadian 67. I managed to get us in, and we drank free beers and ate tasty hors d'oeuvres, mini pad-thai, shrimps mmm... High test indeed.

My beer review: Molson Canadian 67 is a great option for someone who is concerned about calorie intake but doesn't want to sacrifice taste. It's better than Canadian Light or Silver Bullets. With only 67 calories (a regular bottle of beer is 153), it is to Canadian as Coke Zero is to Coke, it tastes closer to the real thing.It is a light beer, it's written real tiny, and comes with the same expected low 3% alcohol volume. I would recommend trying Molson Canadian 67 to anyone who wants to grab a beer but still go to the gym later.

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