Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have been going mental about this fucking barking dog 30 feet from my bedroom window. It was going off at 7am, and then off and on all day pretty much. So I was glad when G-mo asked me out to lunch. We went out to Pickle Barrel. When we were walking in the subway she kicked a jelly bra insert thingy on the ground and said "Oh my gosh it's someones boob!". Good times with Grandma.

Ian and I had some beers at Green Room. We talked about writing. It was a good talk.

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  1. I would call the cops on the dog owner. Toronto I believe defines nuisance noise as "unwanted noise". I'd call that stupid dog unwanted noise, and if you continously call the cops the people will start to have to pay fines. Yeah but I'm a bitch like that.