Friday, October 16, 2009


I have a backlog of posts to publish, I have a bad habit of getting halfway through and getting distracted or lose motivation. I went to a wedding and almost became homeless so I have to catch up, which I will do all weekend. So go back and check for posts from the last week, not bad I swear, I'm gonna work real hard on em.

Marc is still in town, so he came over and we headed over to Granny Mo's for some Timmy Ho's. We stopped to watch Ron James tape some of his new show for CBC in Nathan Phillip Square. He was giving a speech from a podium, It was funny from what we could hear. I want to check it out (Fridays at 8pm CBC).

We got to Granny's, checked out the kitchen reno, then got some lunch at Hortons. Grandma's back is hurting, I hope she fells better soon.

Marc and I went over to Treya & Andre's place, we hung out with Trey and Baby Lu till Papa came home. Marc and Dre went to see a Snowboarding movie. I went home to do some blogging.

Now Marc is texting me tying to get me out for a beer, I'm down, but not at the place he's at: Dog's Bollocks, not on Friday (or ever).save

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