Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to bake the Metropasses

Sunny J (me) is turning 30, not 2. (photo:@ondre)
I'm up real early on a Monday, still unemployed but keeping busy. I'm heading over to the CNIB to help distribute TTC metropasses to blind Torontonians. It's not a magnanimous gesture, I benefit greatly from the pass myself. I also believe that it is my civic responsibility to put back in what I've taken out.

el Venom esta loco
(photo: Shawna)
Last night my mom had a fantastic Birthday dinner for me. I turn 30 on Wednesday. She made a meaty lasagna and a vegetarian option for our herbivore guests. As requested she also picked up a black forrest cake. My friend Shawna came all the way to Missisauga, along with my cousin Treya, her husband @Ondre and their little monkey Lula. My Granny Mo & Andy were there and so was my brother Paul. We even phoned my brother Marc who is over in France snowboarding. I got some great gifts, my auntie Chrissy gave me a bad-assed Venom luchador mask and the Kick-Ass graphic novel. Paul gave me a wii controller and a gift card with enough credit for a copy of the new Zelda game (everywhere he checked for it was sold out). I'm going to spend some serious time playing that game. It was such a great night.

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