Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA SUCKS (Bagels are good)

I'm blacking out my posts today. It's an internet thing. This SOPA thing would hurt us bloggers pretty bad. Sometimes I use copyrighted material under what I deem "fair-use", but SOPA could mean anyone with a bug up their ass could take down my blog along with half the fucking internet. I don't think me blacking this stuff out will make anyone more aware of the situation than what Wiki is doing.

I finally got my bagel, it was great. The place around the corner has a ton of different types of cream cheese. I tried the "everything" bagel with chive schmear. Delish.

I picked up some postcards it Times Square and an Artie Lange cupcake from Crumbs. I zipped back to my hotel since I don't feel so hot and want to remain close to a clean washroom. Maybe a little nap before I head to the Colbert Report taping.


  1. bring bagels back!!!

  2. have a great birthday! enjoy the show