Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clone Trip

I have done this trip before, it's a clone. I thought it would be fun with another person, and it might be, but I'm doing it alone once again. It's still going to be tons of fun.

I'm packing for New York, in this case "Packing" consists of making sure I don't have any small bags of weed in one of the small zipped pouches of my kick-ass Zelda backpack (I picked it up last time I was in NY at the Nintendo World Store, I can't wait to go again tomorrow). I'm glad I checked, because I did have a small sack of stems and shake that no doubt would have put me in an american goulag for the rest of my life.

I'm bringing three pairs of socks this time (and wearing a fresh pair). I got so soaked last time I went it sucked. I had to dry my only pair with the hotel hairdryer. I don't want to take any chances this time.

All of my documents are printed, I like to have everything together and know where it is at all times.I'm really good at that. Almost too good, I think it borders on obsessive compulsive.
There is always a panic. This time it was my keys. I'm looking for them in my bag when I stop myself, the are on something or under something. I look to the empty steamwhistles and see my opener keychain. the wheels click and I have found my keys.

It's 8pm, I've got to head to the Bay Street Bus Terminal.

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