Thursday, January 26, 2012

Slow train to TOOL

Union Station was used as the dystopic Henry Rollins hobo-hospital in Johnny Nemonic.

I'm leaving my laptop at home and blogging through my phone. Its just to heavy to lug around. I'm getting a new mac soon, but even then do i want to carry a brand new baby all around? An android tablet rocking 4.0 would be perfection, this screen size just isn't enough for my near blindness.

I'm off  to London, Ontario, to  see TOOL, one of the best live rock acts to ever tour. They hit Toronto last night and i would have been at that show too in my younger days. But instead I rested. I'm more mature now and am less likely to folliw a band from city to city. I might eat my words if the Smashing Pumpkins decide to rock nearby. I'm taking the train. I bought my ticket on the internet when I was in Japan, I guess it was a boxing day sale cause it was about 50% off.

I jam back to Toronto in the morning and go straight from the train to the bus for my annual Igloofest trip to Montreal.

I have to say that Via Rail sucks once you have been on the Shinkansen. The service is fine and I got a great price on the ticket. Its a just a real shame we don't have bullet trains in North America. I would be there already. I bitch but I snooze on the train and we are there in figurative "no-time" instead of literally no time.

Downtown London is a depressant. Lots of nerdowells. I check out the Starbucks, they only have a Canada mug, nothing for London.
I explore the sad mall and decide to wait for Ashlie to finish work while drinking a beer at the Fox & Fiddle.
I will add the bar playlist when i get to my laptop for some cut & paste from Shazam.

I use different phone apps to give my photos a little spice. Blog posts without photos are lame. I hope to get some good shots of Maynard tonight.

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