Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A movement in two parts

The smell of the port authority bus terminal had a hobo fanning the air for relief. No matter, I had business to attend to, and I did quickly, sparing you any details.

I have time to kill before the Colbert Report tonight. I figure I can drop my heavy laptop off at my hotel before checking in and walk around for a bit. Maybe get a bagel and a schmear. Half way there I realize I'm going to need another bathroom quick. So this is what it's like to be an old man? Constantly living in fear of crapping ones pants.

No doubt this is my punishment fot the Macdonalds I ate last night before the bus departed Toronto.

I make it to the Pod Hotel, the washroom here is like the Four Seasons in comparison to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

The lobby has a comfortable lounge with wifi. I bought 10$ worth of roaming data so I can use my phone around town. 

Now feel empty, I really need that bagel!

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