Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunny J vs the Various Pimps and C.h.u.d.s. of NYC

So Ben and I ended up just walking around Times Square. So much grifting going on, dudes giving directions in the bus terminal and then asking for cash. With 3 hours to kill we grabbed a slice and decided not to make a play for Lady Liberty since it was a 40$ cab ride. It was nice to walk around but super busy (on a Friday night in New York? Who could have guessed). Since it's Hallowe'en weekend there were some pretty cool costumes. I'm still on the lookout for Snow White. We ended up on an earlier bus to DC, loaded with more rally types. I'm sitting with a guy from Quebec.
Ralph Kramden, used space travel as a metaphor for beating his wife 

I typed this out with my thumb on my phone so as not to disturb the rest of the bus with the bright screen of my laptop. I can't seem to get Blogger Droid to upload, (it never works!) so I had to copy the body and paste it into the browser(which is not conducive to blogging).

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