Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Rob Ford against Poutine!?!

Mayor Rob Ford,
photo courtesy Miami-Dade Police Department

Owners of various Poutine trucks outside City Hall have been hoarding gravy in recent weeks worried that Rob Ford's pledge to "stop the gravy train at City Hall" was a literal move to stop the use of gravy in Poutine trucks found in front of Nathan Philips Square. Gravy, a sauce made often from the juices that run naturally from meat or vegetables during cooking is a vital component in Poutine, a French Canadian delicacy featuring fries, cheese curds, and the aforementioned sauce. The tasty delight is a favourite of many left-leaning city councilors on lunch break. 

Rob Ford, the new Mayor-Elect of Toronto assured the truck owners and worried citizens that he would indeed "stop the gravy train at city hall". When pressed as to whether gravy used in poutine would be safe, Mr. Mayor repeated his cliched rhetoric several more times until he became winded and shrugged.

Political analysts point to Mayor Ford's bizarre endorsement of the KFC Double Down, and his promise to replace bread with meat in all toronto sandwiches as proof he would never put the breaks on the flow of gravy on City Hall poutines.       

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