Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunny J vs the Empire State

The border crossing was pretty easy considering it was by bus. Everyone has to get off the bus and get processed I told the guard I was going to the Rally To Restore Sanity, he seemed to get hung up there, "...Restore American Sanity?" he asked. I assured him it was purely satirical and that I had no political views beyond casual apathy. I overheard another passenger, Ben, tell the guard he was going to the rally so I introduced myself before we got back on the bus. It seems we are taking the same bus to Washington and back! He seems like a cool guy, I'm glad I met him.

We chatted a bit at the Buffalo bus station. I was getting hungry, but there were only vending machines and I wanted a substantial.

At the bus station in Rochester NY, the bus was boarded by customs agents. They asked passengers about their citizenship, or rather, they asked if thy were Americans. I showed the guard my passport which he just glanced at. I have never seen this happen before, although I have limited experience crossing the border by bus.  

The bus depot in Syracuse had a Subway Restaurant, so I decided to get my Jared on. I asked for parmesan oregano bread and she looked at me like I was from Mars, they have different names for the bread, apparently. She also gave me a choice of cheese, which doesn't happen in Canadian Subways.

When we got back on the bus we met some student-types going to the Rally, I really think this thing is going to be huge.

We should be in New York City soon. Ben and I have an almost 3 hour stop over before continuing on to the District of Columbia. Ben said he wants to see the Statue of Liberty, I'm down to go since I have never seen it and I can't think of anything else to do in New York at 2am.

"Of course you'll have a bad impression of New York if you only focus on the Pimps and C.H.U.D.s."-Marge Simpson

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