Saturday, October 30, 2010

The District

So this is Washington DC? Parts of it look a lot like South Porcupine and some parts look like Rome. I'm in a Starbucks (I'm in a Starbucks!?!). It's just for the wifi, and to give myself a whores bath, although the coffee is helping support my life. I wish I had some Baileys. I walked from the bus station, it was a nice walk (26 minutes, thanks google maps) I'm not too far from the hotel we will be staying at (the Plaza).
I just met an organizer who will be working the rally, he said "God bless the Huffington Post. they are spending so much money to get people here.".

I picked up some batteries and started taking pictures, but I don't have a micro usb so I can't add any here yet.

Just talked to Matt, he was in the bathroom so we didn't chat but it means i can leave this Starbucks. My next post will be post-rally. This is going to be epic!

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