Monday, October 25, 2010

Stormalongs to rock the socks off the ballot box

The Stormalongs have been feeling the political machine grinding at their rock gears and are pushing back this election night. Tonight the Storma-lads will be recording a free digital ep. The ep will be titled Riot Stance and will feature new music as well as covers of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Malvina Reynolds. Colin Stormalong posted the following quote on his facebook:

"when your country and your leaders ignore your protestations and place their evil hands on the throats of the innocent, what other choice do the people have but to adopt a riotous stance?"-Cedrick Karstensen

The Stormalongs new EP Riot Stance

I'm going to see Back to the Future at the AMC tonight, so I will miss the bulk of the session, but I'm hoping to make it out in time to hear the last bit.

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