Friday, October 01, 2010

Children and Hobos unite!

I'm in the library since the internet is out at my place. Rogers says someone in my house has a botnet running (it's a virus, grandma) and wont let us back on till we find the culprit. It's nice and quiet, no happy hardcore music to annoy me, although there are a lot of children and a few hobos.

I read almost half of Philip K Dick's Do androids dream of electric sheep? but I can't take it out due to a fine on my account which I can't afford to pay($11!?!). It's a really good book, and was the basis for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, however both works differ greatly. I will discuss it more when I finish it next week. I just feel really good about reading, like somehow I made Lavar Burton smile.
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I spent all my time reading and then working on my postcard blog so I'm going to get kicked out soon as they are closing. Perhaps I can find a coffee house with wifi?...

Our blogger packs up his macbook and proceeds to a popular American coffee house, but not finding a seat he proceeds on to a popular Canadian coffee house (Hint: Scott Pilgrim ran into Envy Adams in this very shop).

I don't normally drink coffee, it makes me chatty beyond belief. I'm feeling pooched after a great workout this morning. I'm going to be serious about the gym, and planning on taking every other day off to recover and not burn out. Te plan is to rock sexy washboard abs the ladies will not be able to resist. Which makes me think of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.

Toronto's all night art extravaganza Nuit Blanche is this Saturday. I wanted to grab a crazy all-white outfit and still might. I think as a burner it's my responsibility to take it up a notch. I will take some pics.

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